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Hear from your returning customers!

"I’ve had this bag for over a year now, and it’s been with me on countless shopping trips and vacations. It still looks as good as new! I love how it fits into my purse when folded."

As someone who is trying to be more eco-conscious, this bag has been a game changer. It’s sturdy, holds a lot of groceries, and the fact that I can just fold it up and put it in my backpack is perfect."

"This is the only bag I’ve used that doesn’t tear after a few uses. The material is surprisingly strong, and I’ve loaded it up at the farmer's market without any issues. It’s also really easy to fold back up, unlike others I’ve tried.



Our Coobags can typically support weights up to 20 kilograms, making them suitable for everyday shopping and travel needs.

CooBags orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the united states in an average 5-10 days.

Yes, we have models that are made from water-resistant materials, and we also offer fully waterproof bags suitable for outdoor activities.

Many of our bags feature multiple compartments, including main compartments, side pockets, and sometimes hidden compartments for valuables, to help organize your items effectively.

Our foldable bags are typically made from durable, lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester to ensure they are both sturdy and easy to carry.


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